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All important SEO Settings and Functions like Dynamic Metas, Internal Links, XML Sitemap, Redirects, Permalinks & more

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BAVOKO SEO Tools is the first WordPress SEO plugin that combines both SEO analysis and optimization in just one application.
With the help of integrated search, onpage, performance, backlink and social media tools, all aspects of your search engine optimization can be easily accessed via your WordPress backend. Thanks to the intelligent architecture of BAVOKO SEO Tools, you can now make changes and optimize your pages in just seconds .
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Extensive Data in the WordPress Backend

Detailed SEO Analysis

Ranking Analysis & Keyword Research

Connect WordPress to the Google Search Console and get up to 5,000 keywords a day in your backend.
BAVOKO SEO Tools offers extensive ranking analysis in different views, access to effective keyword research tools, more datasets by connecting to the BAVOKO API, as well as the ability of monitoring both your most important keywords and your competitor’s rankings in a single WordPress plugin.

Detailed Onpage Reportings

BAVOKO SEO Tools Free already contains a fully configurable onpage crawler. With just a few clicks you can analyze the different views of your website’s content aspects, such as titles, headlines, texts and more, in your WordPress backend.
In our PRO version, these onpage reportings are generated from the data provided by the external BAVOKO crawler and thereby also provide you with deeper insight into the technical and structural aspects of your website.

Backlink Analysis & Disavow Tool

Since your backlinks make a significant contribution to the success of your SEO strategy, BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with all the important tools you need for comprehensive backlink monitoring and analysis.

Prepared with intuitive charts, you will always get a clear picture of the progress of your backlinks here. Use the built-in Disavow feature to easily put referring domains on your blacklist during your analysis and submit them to Google in just a few steps right afterwards.

Loading Time & Requests Analysis

Since long loading times not only have a negative effect on user behavior, but also on your rankings, the PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools contains various tools for speed optimization.
In the page speed and requests analysis, you can easily find out which pages only achieve particularly long load times, which scripts are loaded where, and how much code they produce. With the integrated Requests Manager you also have the option to disable unnecessarily loaded plugins and scripts on your pages with just a few clicks.


Extensive SEO Toolset in one WordPress Plugin

In addition to SEO analysis and optimization, our WordPress SEO Plugin offers various, specially developed tools for a much more comfortable and detailed search engine optimization of your WordPress website.
Create sitemaps of your website with just a few clicks, generate dynamic metas for whole post types, automatically set internal links, optimize your permalinks or set up redirects – BAVOKO SEO Tools combines all you need for good SEO in a single, user-friendly WordPress plugin.


BAVOKO’s Content Optimizer

In order to allow a particularly effective search engine optimization of your individual pages, we have developed the intuitive Content Optimizer for BAVOKO SEO Tools.
With real-time optimization suggestions, it helps you get the most SEO potential out of your pages. For further customization of individual posts the Content Optimizer also provides several other tools for optimizing your metas, social snippets, internal links, and more.


Optimized WordPress SEO Workflow

To enable a more fluent editing and optimization, the Content Optimizer can also be accessed outside of individual post pages.
You can access it with just one click in all important areas of our plugin, for example in post lists or BAVOKO’s analysis views, so that you never have to open all your pages individually again.
Quickly edit texts, metas, social snippets and other SEO-relevant aspects of your pages within the intuitive interface, and by that save valuable time during your daily SEO work.

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  • Content Optimizer
  • SEO Keywords
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Search Volume & CPC Data
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Website Crawler
  • Onpage Analysis
  • Metas & Social Snippets
  • Permalinks
  • Internal Links Manager
  • Redirect Manager
  • Sitemap Manager
  • .htaccess & robots.txt Editor
  • Auto Canonicals
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • Disavow Tool
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    • Google Search Console
    • SEO Keywords, Content Analysis, Meta Tags, Social Snippets, Page Rankings, Content-Editing, SEO-Settings
    • 2 SEO Keywords
    • Internal Onpage Crawler for up to 500 pages
    • For all contentual SEO aspects
    • Standard
  • Professional

    from $19.99 / month

    • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, BAVOKO API
    • Additionally: Priority Keywords System, more Ranking Data, Internal Links, Backlink & Performance Analysis
    • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
    • For up to 10.000 Keywords
    • 200 Credits / Month
    • External Onpage & Performance Crawler for up to 5.000 pages
    • For all Contentual, Structural and technical SEO aspects
    • Up to 200 Domains
    • Up to 1.000 JS / CSS Requests and 5.000 Images
    • Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
    • Premium
  • Advanced

    from $49.99 / month

    • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, BAVOKO API
    • All tools and data from Free & Premium
    • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
    • For up to 25.000 Keywords
    • 500 Credits / Month
    • External Onpage & Performance Crawler for up to 25.000 Pages
    • For all Contentual, Structural and Technical SEO Aspects
    • Up to 500 Domains
    • Up to 2.000 JS / CSS Requests and 25.000 Images
    • Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
    • Premium
  • Business

    from $99.99 / month

    • Google Search Console, Google Analytics, BAVOKO API
    • All tools and data from Free & Premium
    • 25 SEO Keywords & Synonyms
    • For up to 50.000 Keywords
    • 1000 Credits / Month
    • External Onpage & Performance Crawler for up to 50.000 Pages
    • For all Contentual, Structural and Technical SEO Aspects
    • Up to 1000 Domains
    • Up to 3.000 JS / CSS Requests and 50.000 Images
    • Coming Soon
    • Coming Soon
    • Premium

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