The Content Optimizer in our WordPress plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools provides our users with all important SEO settings and tools for the optimization of single posts and pages.
It allows the easy creation and editing of SEO keywords, metas, social snippets, internal links, canonicals and much more. At the same time, the Content Optimizer supports our users in identifying both weaknesses and unused potential of the respective pages by integrating ranking, onpage, performance and backlink data, as well as keyword research tools and automatic SEO suggestions.

Thanks to its unique architecture, the Content Optimizer can also be accessed from outside the posts and thereby offers a particularly efficient workflow for the analysis and subsequent optimization process of your content in WordPress.
By a single click on the CO icon within the SEO analyses in BAVOKO SEO Tools, specific pages can be opened and edited conveniently in a popup, without having to leave the window.
After the changes have been saved in the post, the popup can be closed to proceed with the SEO analysis and to immediately perform the next optimization.

In the following example we will filter in the plugin for too short titles within the onpage analysis and open the Content Optimizer with one click to adjust the meta title of the selected post:

This workflow optimization makes our plugin the first tool allowing the optimization of single pages in the same view during the SEO analysis. This saves our users a lot of time at their daily SEO work.

BAVOKO’s Content Optimizer now also available in the Frontend!

While surfing on our website we repeatedly caught ourselves wanting to quickly check the page rankings, optimize the meta title or to improve something in the content. However, since a new window in the WordPress backend usually has to be opened to do so, we asked ourselves: Why not integrating a quick access to the Content Optimizer outside of the backend as well?

Said and done! Since the last update, our Content Optimizer is now also accessible via the frontend and allows you to analyze and edit the respective page with just one click! For this purpose, admins can now use the CO icon in the toolbar at the top, too:

The Content Optimizer has been available on our website‚Äôs frontend for two weeks now and has quickly proven to be particularly useful and time-saving. What experiences have you had with it so far? We are looking forward to reading your opinions and feedback in the comments! ūüôā

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