Since backlinks are a decisive factor for search engine optimization, we offer a backlink monitoring tool in the PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools, with which you can analyze and monitor the backlinkslinks leading to your website.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is an incoming external link from one website to another. Nowadays they are particularly important for search engine optimization, because the quality and number of backlinks to a page generally serve as an indicator of youre page’s importance for search engines.

Why are Backlinks so important?

As already mentioned, backlinks are used by search engines to evaluate the popularity and importance of your site. Google’s algorithm is based on the logic that it should consider every backlink as a recommendation of your site.

Believing that many backlinks would bring guaranteed top rankings, countless link farms and link vendors have been created ever since.

However, since the quality of each backlink is now much more important than their sheer number, this tactic no longer works. Today Google identifies bad backlinks with ease and can even enforce penalties for your website. So remember that only backlinks from trusted domains really do support your rankings.

Setting up Backlinks –
BAVOKO API Connection & Google Search Console Import

To be able to monitor your backlinks in WordPress with BAVOKO SEO Tools, you must first create the connection to the BAVOKO API.

BAVOKO API Integration

BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO also requires a connection to Google Analytics in order to provide you with detailed backlink information such as clicks.

Since the BAVOKO API only provides the referring domains with the corresponding metrics, we recommend that you additionally import the backlink data from the Google Search Console in order to supplement the domains with single URLs.

  • To do this, first log in to the GSC homepage.
  • Navigate to “Links to your page” in the menu on the left
    In the new view, click on “More” within “Who creates the most links?”
  • Download the.csv table of your backlinks by clicking on “Download current links”.
  • Now click the “Backlinks” menu item within the plugin interface.
  • Click on the “Import backlinks” button in the upper right corner and insert the previously downloaded.csv table for upload. The individual backlinks from the table are then automatically added to your WordPress backlink monitoring.

Analyzing Backlinks in BAVOKO SEO Tools

BAVOKO SEO Tools offers several views for an uncomplicated and clear analysis of your WordPress backlinks:

Backlink Übersicht

Backlink Overview

Within the menu item “Overview” you will find all important KPIs for your backlinks at a glance. Here you can monitor the total number of referring backlinks, domains, IPs and subnets, track the development of your backlinks in a clear graph, and identify new and lost backlinks.

Further down in the overview you will also find easy-to-understand pie charts of the top-level domain distribution and the division of the links into Follow and NoFollow, a graphical representation of the anchor texts, as well as exportable tables of your Top 5 domains and Top 5 linked pages.

Analyzing Backlinks by Domains

Backlinks - Analyze Domains

In the “Backlinks” section in the “Domains” menu item you have the option of inspecting the referring domains to your website in more detail. Additional information such as the domain authority score (domain strength), the number of backlinks per domain, the IP and more is available for more detailed analysis.

In addition, you can check your new and lost referring domains via the tabs “New Domains” and “Lost Domains”.

The Domain Authority Score is based on the SEMrush data and summarizes not only the strength of the domain in terms of backlinks, but also its visibility in the Google search results. This way the Authority Score represents a comprehensive picture of the domain.

Analyzing Backlinks by Pages

Backlinks - Analyze Domains

You also have the option of analyzing your WordPress backlinks by pages to find out which ones are particularly well or poorly linked.

  • Click on “Pages” in the ” Backlinks ” section to open the page table for backlink analysis.
  • You can also use the “New Pages” or “Lost Pages” tabs to select pages for which backlinks have been added or removed in the last month.

Backlink Monitoring in WordPress with BAVOKO SEO Tools

Depending on the package, you can use our SEO plugin to analyze and monitor up to 1,000 of the strongest domains linking your website. In addition, BAVOKO SEO Tools allows you to add spam links to your blacklist and to submit the Disavow list to Google with just a few clicks – read more about this in the following article: Spam-Domains mit dem Disavow-Tool markieren und übermitteln.

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