With BAVOKO SEO Tools we have set ourselves the goal of offering you a complete and at the same time user-friendly SEO Plugin for WordPress. By using the various implemented analysis and optimization functions you can effectively improve both, your SEO rankings and your SEO workflow.

Ranking Analysis

Our plugin enables you to easily analyze your website for all aspects of search engine optimization and to simultaneously optimize individual pages with the intuitive Content Optimizer within a very short time.

Why yet another WordPress SEO Plugin?

WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack provide some important features and settings for search engine optimization, such as SEO optimization suggestions, adding SEO keywords, creating meta tags, or various permalink settings. For a successful SEO strategy, however, a comprehensive SEO analysis is of utmost importance, because this is the only way to find out how well Google rankings are developing, which other opportunities exist and what you can do to achieve better rankings.

In order to be able to do detailed keyword, ranking or onpage analyses, for example, it is necessary to work with different external tools, since the other WordPress SEO plugins do not offer these capabilities. For the process of SEO analysis and subsequent optimization, it is therefore common to work in different browser windows alternately, or even to enter the results of the analysis in a table and then convert them into WordPress, which does not allow a functional workflow and can cost a lot of time over the day.

Beside many important SEO settings and functions such as optimization suggestions, SEO keywords, meta tags, permalinks, redirects, or internal links, BAVOKO SEO Tools offers comprehensive keyword, ranking, onpage, backlink and page speed analyses in a single plugin! With the help of the onpage crawler and the integration of Google Search Console, Google Analytics (PRO) and BAVOKO API (PRO), we can not only provide you with extensive data in the WordPress backend, but also combine this data with the optimization process in a unique workflow. With all the data and optimization tools accessible within one view, BAVOKO SEO Tools offers exceptional possibilities for search engine optimization in WordPress and can save you a lot of time in your daily work.

Installation & Setup

Before you can use the functions of our WordPress SEO plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools, you must first install the plugin and then set it up completely.

There are two options available for the installation process: The installation via WordPress and the installation via FTP.

After the installation it is necessary to set up BAVOKO SEO tools for the operation. For this you have to follow these steps:

Connecting with the BAVOKO API (PRO)


First you need to connect to the BAVOKO API, which you can use to get keywords from the Google Search Console, search volume and CPC data in addition to various keyword research tools in the WordPress backend.

Connecting with Google Search Console

Google Search Console API

After that, connect the Google Search Console to WordPress. In this way the detailed ranking analyses are available in our WordPress Plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools.

Connecting with the Google Analytics API

Google Analytics

Set up a connection to the Google Analytics API to get information about your backlinks and extensive page speed data within our WordPress SEO plugin.

Importing Data from other SEO Plugins

Import SEO Data

If you have used other WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack before, you can simply import your old data sets into BAVOKO SEO Tools with a few mouse clicks and continue working seamlessly.

Configuration of the Onpage Crawler

First Onpage Crawl

Finally, make a few settings on the onpage crawler, with the help of which our WordPress SEO plugin first creates a suitable basis of data for you.

Tip: After the complete setup of BAVOKO SEO Tools a plugin tour starts automatically. We recommend that you go through it completely.

Once installation and setup are complete, it may take several minutes (in rare cases up to an hour) for the data to be ready for analysis.

You can check this article for how the installation and setup of BAVOKO SEO Tools works in detail.

Info: At the beginning of your WordPress SEO work with BAVOKO SEO Tools we recommend that you make all important SEO settings for the metas, permalinks and sitemap within the “Tools” section.

Content Optimizer

The Content Optimizer in our WordPress SEO Plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools has been developed only for the purpose of making your search engine optimization as efficient and informative as possible. At all necessary workspaces, both in the plugin and in the backend, the Content Optimizer enables a pleasant workflow and also provides you with a large variety of powerful SEO tools at any time.

Within the plugin interface of BAVOKO SEO Tools, click the CO icon within the tables to open the Content Optimizer in a practical popup window, which you can simply close again after your optimizations and continue working at the next point without any interruptions.

You will also find the Content Optimizer with all its SEO tools attached to the top of the editor on your article pages in the backend.

The practical Content Optimizer in the WordPress plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools provides the following tools and functions for SEO of your single pages:

Defining & Adding Keywords

How to define Priority Keywords

In order to correctly adjust the content of your pages, you must first define the appropriate SEO keywords. The Content Optimizer gives you the opportunity to clearly analyze your ranking keywords, discover new keyword combinations via Google Suggest and define new SEO keywords.

More detailed information on this topic can be found here.

Automatic SEO Suggestions

Content Optimizer SEO Suggestions

The Content Optimizer from BAVOKO SEO Tools gives you specific SEO optimization suggestions based on your SEO keywords so you always know what to do next for search engine optimization of your WordPress page.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

Use the red and green bars within the graphic to see how many of your SEO metas are too long, too short or even not set, and use the Content Optimizer to optimize the meta titles and descriptions of your individual pages in the shortest possible time. When optimizing your SEO metas, you always have a preview in the style of Google’s search results at hand.

Meta Robots

Metas Robots within the Content Optimizer

Within the “Metas & Snippets” section you define with one click below the text fields, on which pages the search engines should not follow any links and which should not appear in the Google index.

Social Snippets

How to optimize Social Snippets

Create and optimize the social snippets of your posts for Facebook and Twitter in BAVOKO SEO Tools. These can also be automatically adopted from the SEO metas.

Analyzing Page Rankings

Ranking Analysis

To check the rankings of your WordPress website, you can also consult the Content Optimizer in addition to the “Search” section in the plugin. Within “Keywords” in the “Rankings” tab you can directly see the ranking keywords of the respective page and in BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO you can even follow the historical progress of your most important KPIs by dint of clear charts.

Keyword Research (PRO)

Keyword Research Tools

on to the two methods similar and related, the Content Optimizer also gives you access to the Keyword Discovery Tool, with whose help you can find and set suitable SEO keywords in the shortest time possible.

Internal Links (PRO)

Internal Links

For good SEO rankings it is also important how well your individual pages are linked internally. Not only the quantity, but also the quality of the individual links plays an equally important role. In the Content Optimizer of BAVOKO SEO Tools you can set internal links between your posts and pages directly from within the content in the “Internal Links” tab with just one click, which are – based on your SEO keywords – also automatically suggested.

Performance (PRO)

Performance Overview

Especially for visitors of your site the page speed is of great importance. To ensure that you always have an overview of the requests, page sizes and loading times, you will find numerous charts and tables in the “Performance” section, from which you can also obtain detailed information about Javascript, CSS and image files.

Backlinks (PRO)

Backlink Analysis

The external links leading to your page – also called backlinks – serve the major search engines to determine the popularity of your page and therefore are directly included in the ranking calculation. For this purpose you can import backlinks as well as analyze existing backlinks in detail within the Content Optimizer of BAVOKO SEO Tools.


Advanced Settings within the Content Optimizer

In addition to the settings for the Canonical Tag and an option to exclude pages from the sitemap, you will also find an easy way to directly manage the redirects of the respective page within the “Advanced” tab of our Content Optimizer.

SEO Google Ranking & Keyword Analysis in WordPress

An exact analysis of your ranking keywords is also of great importance for a long-term successful search engine optimization of your WordPress website. Only if you are always aware of your current ranking situation, you can make systematic optimizations.

BAVOKO SEO Tools offers you access to various informative analysis views to enable you to analyze your SEO Google rankings without any difficulty or additional time.

Through the connection with the Google Search Console API, already in BAVOKO SEO Tools Free up to 5000 keywords for detailed SEO ranking analysis are saved daily in your WordPress backend. Depending on the selected package, BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO even provides up to 25,000 keywords per day, which can be supplemented with search volume and CPC data using the BAVOKO API, and enables complete SEO keyword researches.

The “Search” section of our WordPress SEO Plugin BAVOKO SEO Tool includes the following items for ranking analysis and keyword research:


SEO Analysis Charts

Besides all important SEO KPIs, you will also find the most important trends in various charts, for example clicks, impressions, average CTR & position, keywords, ranking distribution and more. In the date picker in the upper right corner you can limit your SEO analyses to specific time periods.


Keyword Analysis in BAVOKO SEO Tools

Analyze your keywords in filterable and sortable tables for clicks, positions, impressions, in BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO even for search volume and CPC. In the two other tabs within this view, your new and lost keywords are displayed additionally.


Page Analysis in BAVOKO SEO Tools

In this analysis view of BAVOKO SEO Tools you can easily follow the historical progress of your individual pages, especially with regard to position, clicks, impressions and CTR. By clicking on the CO icon, the Content Optimizer opens directly in the “Keywords” tab, where you can analyze the keyword rankings for the respective page in more detail.

Countries & Devices (PRO)

In the analysis by “Countries & Devices” BAVOKO SEO Tools is giving you detailed information about the rankings of your pages in the countries of the world, or on the different devices Desktop PC, Mobile or Tablet. In addition, you can easily trace their historical progress in the corresponding graphs.

Monitoring Competitors (PRO)

Competitor Analysis Tool

To keep an eye on your competition, BAVOKO SEO Tools includes a utility that allows you to monitor the development of the ranking keywords of your direct SEO competitors in an overview with the help of weekly updates.

Keyword Research: Similar, Related & Keyword Discovery (PRO)

Keyword Research in BAVOKO SEO Tools

BAVOKO SEO Tools also provides everything you need for a complete and effective keyword research. In addition to the methods similar and related, our WordPress SEO Plugin provides you with the keyword discovery, a clever method to find the suitable keywords for your website in the shortest time.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Simply add those SEO keywords you want to analyze and keep a closer eye on to the keyword monitoring module of BAVOKO SEO Tools. Detailed information about your most important search terms can be accessed here at any time in easy-to-understand charts and tables.

For more detailed information on Google Keyword Analysis in BAVOKO SEO Tools, click here.


BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with numerous audits and information for the evaluation and optimization of all contentual, structural and technical aspects of your website within the onpage analysis, which are collected by the integrated crawler.

In different views you can observe the content score of your pages, analyze the meta titles and descriptions, the headings or the content length of your pages and optimize them in the same view in a unique workflow.

However, the WordPress SEO Plugin of BAVOKO SEO Tools must be fully set up for this. You can find out how this works in detail here.

BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO additionally integrates an external crawler, which enables even more detailed SEO audits of all pages.

The following views and functions are available in BAVOKO SEO Tools for the onpage analysis of your WordPress website:


Onpage Analysis Overview

BAVOKO SEO Tools summarizes all key data of your SEO onpage analysis in this overview. Examine your average content score within the chart, analyze the “problems” of your pages found in expandable rows and use the table at the bottom to quickly find the pages with the lowest content score.

Meta Titles

Meta Title Analysis

Metas that are too long, too short or not set are automatically detected by BAVOKO SEO Tools and displayed within this view. You can then use the Content Optimizer to immediately do improvements to your metas.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions Analysis

The analysis of your meta descriptions in BAVOKO SEO Tools is just as easy. You can quickly find meta descriptions that are too long, too short or not set in the onpage analysis and adjust them directly with the Content Optimizer.


Permalink Analysis

Use the chart within this view to quickly and effectively analyze the length of your URLs and then edit them with the Content Optimizer. BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO also gives you the possibility to analyse the internal linking structure of your website in the “Permalinks” section and to easily set new links using the Internal Links Manager in our Content Optimizer.


Heading Analysis

In this view of the onpage analysis BAVOKO SEO Tools summarizes all relevant information about the set headings and the heading types of your pages. Here, the Content Optimizer can be consulted with a single mouse click, if required, too.

Content Length

Content Length Analysis

To ensure that you do not lose sight of the content distribution on your pages, BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with a bar diagram as well as a table of all pages and their word count.


Priority Keyword Analysis

The onpage analysis in BAVOKO SEO Tools also includes a detailed audit of your most important keywords. Within the onpage analyses by pages, by keywords or by duplicates you will always find all relevant information about your SEO keywords.

Indexability (PRO)


Here you can find out everything you need to know about the status codes of your pages. In addition to pages that cannot be reached or indexed, you will also find pages that have been set to noindex in the diagram and can take a closer look at pages with error codes in the “Status Codes” tab.

Canonicals (PRO)


Make sure your WordPress website does not receive penalties for duplicate content by setting canonicals for identical or very similar pages.

Social Snippets

Social Snippets Analysis

The analysis and subsequent optimization of snippets for Facebook and Twitter is also part of the Onpage SEO Analysis of BAVOKO SEO Tools. In the “Social Snippets” view you can see directly for which of your WordPress posts the Social Snippets still have to be optimized.

Backlinks (PRO)

The external links leading to your pages, also known as backlinks, are a decisive factor in the ranking calculation by the major search engines, as they are seen as a direct indication of your page’s popularity. BAVOKO SEO Tools therefore also includes a backlink monitoring tool for WordPress, which you can use to analyze your most important backlinks.

With the Disavow tool you can also collect spam backlinks in a disavow table that can be sent directly to Google with just a few clicks.


In order to be able to analyze your backlinks with all information, you must first have completely installed and set up BAVOKO SEO Tools. This requires both the connection to the BAVOKO API and the integration of backlinks from the Google Search Console.

You can find out exactly how to set up your backlinks here.

Analyzing Backlinks

Since they represent an important ranking factor, you can analyze your most important backlinks in detail in our WordPress plugin BAVOKO SEO Tools. Within the following three views you will then find all SEO relevant information:

Backlink Analysis Overview

Backlink Analysis

The backlink overview summarizes all key data of your backlinks, their progress and much more in appealing displays.

Backlink Analysis by Domains

Backlinks: Analyze Domains

Here you can examine in detail which domains link to your website. Information such as the Domain Authority Score, the number of backlinks per domain, the IP and more is also available.

Backlink Analysis by Pages

Backlinks: Analyze Pages

Find out in no time which of your pages are particularly well or badly linked within this view.

Disavow Links

Disavow Tool

To exclude specific links from the ranking calculation by search engines, you can exclude backlinks in BAVOKO SEO Tools using the Disavow Tool, which are then treated by Google as “NoFollow” links.

With just a few mouse clicks you can capture and neutralize poor quality backlinks, while BAVOKO SEO Tools automatically sends the Disavow table to Google.

Performance (PRO)

Performance Overview

Since the loading times of your pages are also an important factor in Google’s ranking calculation, BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with all the tools you need to analyze and optimize your WordPress page speed. In different views you can analyze the loading times, requests and file sizes of your individual pages.


Resources Analysis

Analyze the loading times of individual requests such as CSS, Javascript and image files in the” Resources” section and use the clear tables in order to locate conspicuous files in the shortest possible time with the help of various additional information.

The upcoming Request Manager will then furthermore enable you to analyze and deactivate the requests of your plugins, themes and third-party scripts on certain pages.

SEO Tools

BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with numerous powerful SEO tools within the plugin interface in the “Tools” section, allowing you to further optimize your WordPress website for search engines:


Add dynamic Metas

Within this view you can dynamically create the meta titles and descriptions of your pages as well as quickly optimize them using the Bulk Tool.

In “Post Types” and “Taxonomies”, select the area of your website for which you want to create dynamic metas and enter your text in the fields.

Finally, in the tab “Bulk Tools” you can optimize the SEO metas of all your pages one after another in a fast and easy way.

Social Snippets

Dynamic Social Snippets

BAVOKO SEO Tools can also dynamically create the Facebook and Twitter snippets of your posts. As with the dynamic metas, you will find the tabs “Post Types” and “Taxonomies” here. In the “Bulk Tools”, the social snippets can then be effectively optimized one to another.


Permalink Settings

In the BAVOKO SEO Tools permalink settings you can set up automatic 301 redirects when URLs are changed, as well as define new slugs for your post types and taxonomies. Additionally, our SEO plugin again includes the “Bulk Tools” tab here, to quickly edit the individual URLs of your pages.

Internal Links Manager (PRO)

Internal Link Manager

In the Internal Links Manager you can both check your pages for internal links and set them with the integrated 1-click solution. Use the filters to find pages that are poorly linked internally and open the Content Optimizer. This automatically loads the “Internal Links” tab, where you will receive appropriate link suggestions from preset post types based on the selected SEO keywords.

Redirect Manager

Redirect Manager

The Redirect Manager of BAVOKO SEO Tools allows you to set up 301 and 302 redirects for pages or entire directories and to keep an eye on existing redirects in a clear table.


Sitemap Settings

To help search engines find and index your pages, we recommend you to create a sitemap of your WordPress website and to submit it to Google. In this tab you will find extensive settings, as well as a direct possibility to download your sitemap.

.htaccess & robots.txt editor

.htaccess WordPress

For experienced users BAVOKO SEO Tools also includes its own editor, in which you have full access to your .htaccess and the robots.txt to make optimizations here as well.

An error in these files can have serious consequences for your entire website.

SEO Reportings (PRO)

In the PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools you can have SEO reports sent to you or your customers by email on a weekly or monthly basis. Our plugin offers you a configurator in the backend, which you can use to configure the SEO Reportings’ content. If you decide on a Licence of 10, a White Label setting is also available for these reports.

BAVOKO SEO Tools: The Allround WordPress SEO Plugin

BAVOKO SEO Tools Free already gives our users access to a well-coordinated and cleverly placed selection of analyses and optimization tools that make search engine optimization with WordPress easier than ever before.

With the PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools we extend the plugin with additional extensive data and functions to meet your professional requirements and to offer a WordPress SEO Plugin for the complete analysis and optimization of your website.

By combining the various tools and analyses, BAVOKO SEO Tools enables a unique workflow that allows you to run a highly efficient and effective search engine optimization in WordPress!

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