In BAVOKO SEO Tools we offer two different types of onpage analysis, depending on the different version packages. A distinction is made between the standard analysis for our Free users and the xyz fortgeschrittene/complete analysis using the external BAVOKO crawler for our PRO users.


In the standard analysis, all data from the Content Optimizer for the respective posts is summarized by the plugin in clear charts and tables. In the free version of BAVOKO SEO Tools you already have the opportunity to carry out a detailed onpage analysis for all content-related aspects of your SEO and to directly edit individual parts.

BAVOKOs external crawler in the PRO version additionally enables you to carry out the technical and structural analysis of your website. Find out more below.

The “Onpage Analysis” of BAVOKO SEO Tools Free comes with the following options available:


Onpage Analysis

Within the Onpage Overview, the most important key data of your page contents are displayed clearly in different charts and tables.

Take a look at the progress graph of your pages’ content score and use the individually expandable lists to find out at a glance, which pages still have “Onpage Issues”. Clicking on the displayed issues opens a pop-up list with all affected pages, which you can then edit directly in this view using Content Optimizer.

You will also find a table of your pages with the lowest content score below.

The Content Score in BAVOKO SEO Tools:
The extent to which the respective pages have already been optimized can be seen from the percentage of the Content Score (bild) within the various areas of the Onpage analysis of BAVOKO SEO Tools. You get the maximum content score for your pages by implementing all the optimization suggestions that our WordPress plugin gives you.

Meta Titles

Title Analysis

The colored status bar under “Titles” shows you at a glance how many meta titles of your pages are “too short”, “too long” or even “unset”. With a simple click on each bar, the table is filtered accordingly. The tabular display of the pages can be filtered with sliders according to various criteria.

In the “Duplicates” tab you will also learn if you are accidentally using the same title on different pages and you can directly intervene using the Content Optimizer.

Meta Descriptions

Description Analysis

Similar to the Meta Titles, during the analysis of your Descriptions you can also identify too-short, too-long and unset Meta Descriptions by descriptive representations. Likewise you are able to use the “Duplicates” Tab to quickly detect content duplications and the Content Optimizer to edit them in the same view.

By the way: The Content Optimizer opens – depending on what you are currently analyzing – always in the right place. In the Meta Descriptions Analysis, after clicking on the CO icon, you will be taken directly to the Metas tab in the Content Optimizer.

In the article “Creating & Optimizing Meta Titles and Descriptions with BAVOKO SEO Tools” you get more information about creating and optimizing metas with BAVOKO SEO Tools.


Permalink Analysis

In the “Permalinks” tab within the onpage analysis, you can use easy-to-understand diagrams to check the length of your URLs and, if necessary, improve them immediately.

By clicking on the “Too long” bar segment, the table is automatically filtered appropriately so that you can at a glance find the too-long Permalinks and shorten them directly with the Content Optimizer.

For more detailled information about Permalinks in BAVOKO SEO Tools read on here:
Permalinks in BAVOKO SEO Tools


Haeding Analysis

The “Headings” tab shows how many of each heading type (h1, h2, h3, …) are set on all your pages based on the bars in the display. The bars represent the entirety of your texts and are divided into sections, which show the number of headings from “None” to “more than 5”.

By clicking one of the bar segments, the table is automatically filtered accordingly so that you can instantly identify and improve problem pages using the Content Optimizer.

Content Length

Content Length Analysis

In the “Content Length” tab, BAVOKO SEO Tools allows a clear analysis of your content – depending on their relative length in words.

The clear bar graph helps you to keep track of the content distribution of your pages. Each of the clickable bars represents the total number of pages within the respective word span and, when clicked on, our plugin automatically sorts the table according to the respective criteria.

Priority Keywords

Priority Keyword Analysis

BAVOKO SEO Tools within the onpage analysis allows you to implement in-depth analysis of your major search terms in the “Priority Keywords” section . The diagram directly shows on how many of your pages you have already set Priority Keywords (“Set”) and where they are still missing (“Not Set”).

With a click into a section of the bar, the table is automatically filtered accordingly, thus simplifying the subsequent optimization via the Content Optimizer.


For our PRO users, the technical and structural area will be added shortly, with which we can significantly expand your onpage reportings and allow a closer look at other, important aspects of search engine optimization. In BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO you can analyze the indexability of your pages, the internal link structure, scripts, media elements and much more and directly edit them with the Content Optimizer.

Since the external crawler in BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO retrieves your website and follows all links just like Google, you not only get the complete data for all your pages, but you can also analyze them in much more detail than in the Free version.

Why are not all pages displayed in Onpage Reportings of the Free version?

BAVOKO SEO Tools Free integrates a post crawler that goes through all the pages within your WordPress database that are stored as a post. However, no categories, tags, or dynamically created pages are considered.

More detailed information will arrive at the Release of BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO, so stay tuned!

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Get deep SEO Insights and learn how to optimize your workflows in WordPress. No Spam, just 1-2 emails a month!

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