For effective WordPress SEO it is important to produce text content that is optimized for the most important keywords and also to keep an eye on them even after publication. Since the API connection to the Google Search Console within the keyword ranking analysis of BAVOKO SEO Tools can gather tens of thousands, in the PRO version even hundreds of thousands of keywords, it is difficult to keep track of your most important keywords.

SEO Monitoring Tool

For this purpose, BAVOKO SEO Tools includes a special SEO keyword monitoring tool for WordPress in addition to extensive filtering options for keywords and pages. By the descriptive presentation of your keyword data in different graphics you can easily monitor the summarized progress of your monitoring keywords. In the ” Monitoring ” section of BAVOKO SEO Tools you can easily add your most important keywords to the SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool and thereby get an insight about their historical progress for clicks, impressions, positions, as well as about the ranking distribution in descriptive charts and filterable tables.

Adding Keywords to the Keyword Monitoring Tool

To keep an eye on your most important SEO keywords at all times and analyze them in detail, these search terms must first be added to the SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool in BAVOKO SEO Tools. You have the following two options:

Adding Keywords to the SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool
during Ranking Analysis

Add Keywords to SEO Monitoring

Within each keyword list in our WordPress Plugin – i.e. both in the Content Optimizer and within the analysis area – you have the possibility to add keywords to the SEO Monitoring Tool by clicking on the star icon.

Manually adding Keywords to the Monitoring

Adding Keywords to SEO Monitoring manually

  • In the plugin, navigate to “Search” > “Keyword Monitoring”, from where you can add further important search terms to your permanent SEO keyword monitoring in WordPress.
  • Enter the search terms in the text field under “Monitored Keywords” and add them to the keyword monitoring tool by clicking on “ADD”. Alternatively, you can confirm your entry with the Enter key.
  • You can also add several keywords at once. Please separate them with a comma.

We recommend you to also add keywords to your WordPress SEO tracking for which your website does not yet have rankings. As soon as your page ranks in the top 100 in Google search for the respective search term, you can find out very quickly here.

SEO Keyword Monitoring with Data
from the Google Search Console

The SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool in our WordPress Plugin is based on data from the Google Search Console, whose API is directly integrated into BAVOKO SEO Tools. For this reason, the data sets that you can analyze within the SEO keyword monitoring always arrive in the plugin with a delay of three days. By the way, this is no different in the Google interface of the Search Console.

Ranking Analysis Datepicker

Your monitoring keyword data will then be updated daily and included in the new calculations within the analysis views. For detailed analyses of specific time periods, you can select an individual time frame in the datr picker, for which your SEO keyword monitoring data should be output in the upper right area of our WordPress plugin.

Adding Monitoring Keywords to SEO Reportings

BAVOKO SEO Tools offers comprehensive SEO reportings, which will be sent to you by email, so that you can always be kept up to date with your SEO progress while on the move.

You can also add your keywords from the monitoring tool to these reports. In this way you can keep an eye on your keywords in addition to the other data on a weekly or monthly basis.

More SEO Keyword Tools in the BAVOKO SEO Tools WordPress Plugin

In addition to the SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool, BAVOKO SEO Tools includes numerous other tools and analysis views with which you can optimize your keywords and thus effectively improve your WordPress SEO.

Even in the “Search” section of our WordPress Plugins Free version, you will find all tools and analysis views you need for the keyword optimization of your WordPress website. In addition to analyzing your keywords and pages from various perspectives, you can also take a closer look at your users’ countries and devices here.

BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO extends the “Search” section of our WordPress plugin with an additional tool for complete keyword research and a sophisticated possibility to analyse your SEO competitors.

SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool in WordPress

BAVOKO SEO Tools includes a clever SEO Keyword Monitoring Tool for WordPress, so you don’t lose the overview in the growing amount of keywords and can also push your WordPress SEO forward. Add search terms to our WordPress SEO keyword monitoring tool with just one click, and then quickly find and analyze them in their own dedicated view.

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