In order to establish a long-term successful search engine optimization, it is particularly important that you are always aware of your current ranking situation.

Ranking Analysis

BAVOKO SEO Tools includes several options for detailed SEO ranking analysis so that you can always check your Google rankings easily and quickly. Perform analyses by pages and keywords as well as analyses by country and device (PRO) with just a few mouse clicks.

Thanks to the integrated Content Optimizer, BAVOKO SEO Tools also gives you the opportunity to make specific improvements to your individual pages during the Google Ranking Check.

SEO Ranking Analysis in BAVOKO SEO Tools

Search Overview

Ranking Analysis

In the “Search”-overview of BAVOKO SEO Tools you can see the progress of the most important SEO key figures such as clicks, impressions, position, countries, devices and ranking distribution. In addition, within the search section you are always able to change the periods of the displayed data, in order to be able to view the progress of your website either in a particularly long-term or focused manner.

  • To do so, click on the date picker in the upper right corner of the “Search”-overview
  • BAVOKO SEO Tools Datepicker

  • Select the desired period and confirm your selection by clicking “Apply”.

The set time periods then also apply to data from the keyword and page lists in the search section, in which you can analyze your search terms in even more detail.

Analyzing Google Rankings by Keywords

Keyword Anaylsis

BAVOKO SEO Tools has its own analysis section, from which you can easily examine your keywords and thereby enables a complete overview of the rankings of your set keywords.

In the menu item “Keywords” within the “Search” section, you will find a clear table view which you can filter according to certain keywords, clicks, positions, impressions and, in the PRO version, even according to search volume and CPC. You can also sort the individual tables by key KPIs, to quickly discover the information about your keywords you are looking for.

Keywordanalyse - New Keywords

In this view you will also find the tabs for “New” and “Lost” keywords. These two lists show you at a glance which keywords have been added or removed in the period set in the date picker.

To make monitoring your keywords even easier, BAVOKO SEO Tools has an integrated keyword monitoring tool. With a mouse click on the star icon after each keyword you add the respective search term to the monitoring tool.

Analyzing Google Rankings by Pages

Page Anaylsis

With BAVOKO SEO Tools you can also easily follow the SEO progress of individual pages with regard to position, clicks, impressions and click-through rate from your WordPress backend without losing the overview.

Navigate to the “Pages” menu item in the search area, to find a clear table view that you can dynamically filter according to URL, clicks, positions and impressions. You can then sort these tables as required to find your un-optimized pages as quickly as possible.

Analyze new pages

In this view you will also find the tabs for “New” and “Lost” pages in the organic ranking. You can see at a glance, which of your pages started or stopped appearing in the Google Index in the time period selected in the date picker.

In BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO, the SEO ranking analysis by pages is also enhanced with important history data in the Content Optimizer, which provides you with easy-to-understand graphics showing the progress of clicks, impressions or the number of keywords on your pages.

Use the CO icon to switch from the analysis views to the Content Optimizer with a single mouse click and make your improvements to single pages directly within the practical popup window! The Content Optimizer can also be accessed with the same functions within your WordPress posts.

In order to save you additional time, the Content Optimizer always opens directly within the appropriate view – in this case the keyword list of the respective page. Here you can see the rankings of your individual pages in a clearly arranged list and can define the priority keywords for the respective page using the + icon.

Analyzing Google Rankings by Countries (PRO)

Ranking Analysis - Countries

In the menu item “Countries & Devices” you will also find a particularly clear display of the rankings of your site in relation to the respective country or used device. When opening the analysis view, SEO analysis by country is selected by default.

The world map shows you at a glance from which countries particularly many of your accesses originated in the selected period. When hovering the mouse over the countries on the map, you can also see the total number of clicks from this country.

The table below shows the most important ranking data in the various countries.

Analyzing Google Rankings by Devices

Ranking Analysis - Devices

To perform an SEO analysis of your pages by device, switch to the tab “Devices” in the upper part of the “Countries & Devices” section.

The graph here shows you the distribution of your clicks to the different devices. The table in the lower area supplements this representation with some further measured values.

Monitoring the SEO Ranking Progress of Competitors

Besides your own keyword rankings, the rankings of your “competing” domains also play an important role for professional search engine optimization. The better you can estimate the competition for certain keywords, the better you can adapt and optimize your own content. For this purpose, BAVOKO SEO Tools has an integrated tool for analyzing your competitors’ ranking data within in the “Competitors” tab in the “Search” section.

Here you will find the domains that most closely match your site’s rankings – your direct SEO competitors, so to speak. You can also analyze important SEO data of your competitors, such as common keywords, the estimated traffic of the site, as well as the number of posts placed with this keyword.

SEO Keyword Monitoring

Our WordPress SEO Plugin also gives you the possibility to analyze selected keywords within their own view in order to enable a close observation at all times.

To add search terms to the SEO Keyword Monitoring of BAVOKO SEO Tools, you can either click on the star icon next to the corresponding keyword in the “Search” > “Keywords” section of the plugin within each table, or enter the keyword manually in the “Keyword Monitoring” tab.

The added SEO keywords are then captured and directly included in the representations and graphics within the SEO keyword monitoring.

In addition to key figures such as keyword clicks, impressions and the average ranking of your monitoring keywords, these charts also include the graphical history of your SEO keywords, as well as a table with all keywords for a more detailed analysis in the BAVOKO SEO Tools keyword monitoring tool.

More SEO Analyses in BAVOKO SEO Tools

In addition to the detailed SEO ranking check, BAVOKO SEO Tools also allows you to carry out extensive onpage, performance and backlink analyses as well as your keyword research in the backend – thanks to the included website crawler and various APIs.

SEO Reportings in BAVOKO SEO Tools (PRO)

SEO Reportings

With BAVOKO SEO Tools you also have the possibility to create SEO reports, which can be sent to you or your customers by mail on a weekly or monthly basis. Within our plugin we offer you a configurator, with which you can pinpoint exactly which data from which sections you want to be included in the next reporting.

Extensive WordPress SEO Ranking Analyses

With the integrated views for SEO ranking analysis, BAVOKO SEO Tools enables detailed analytics and a particularly pleasant and time-saving workflow. Within the “Search” section of our WordPress plugin you get all the information you need for a comprehensive Google Ranking Check of your website – with just a few clicks.

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