A comprehensive and detailed keyword research forms the basis of every successful SEO strategy. To spare you from keeping on working with multiple, different WordPress tools and external tables, BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO gives you access to all necessary tools in a single WordPress plugin. For this purpose BAVOKO SEO Tools hands you the dedicated keyword research tools “Similar” and “Related”.

Keyword Recherche Tools

The clever “Keyword Discovery” runs both tools simultaneously and automatically combines the gathered data. In this way you can quickly identify the keywords that are particularly important to you and add them directly to your WordPress SEO keywords in the Content Optimizer.

What is a Keyword Research
and why is it so important?

Keyword research describes the process of selecting the search terms for which your site or domain is to be optimized. The goal is to show up within the search results for the right keywords and keyword combinations in order to eventually generate traffic on your pages.

This is also not only a matter of deciding, which keyword fits best into your agenda in terms of content. The best way to find out whether a keyword is suitable for your purposes is to analyze the search volume, the approximate traffic and the strength of the competition.

Keyword Research in BAVOKO SEO Tools

The following keyword research tools are available in our SEO Plugin.

Similar Keywords

With the Similar keywords query you will find the most important keywords that also contain the entered search term. In addition, search volume & CPC data are displayed for each keyword.

Related Keywords

As the name says it all, you will find similar keywords, such as similar spellings, synonyms, abbreviations and more. Here you also receive the search volume and CPC data for the proposed keywords.

Keyword Discovery Tool

In the Keyword Discovery Tool, our SEO Plugin runs “Similar” and “Related” simultaneously and cleverly combines the gathered data, in addition to the usual results, to display the most important keywords for the entered search term in descriptive compilations. You also receive the search volume and CPC data for these keywords here.

Where to find the Keyword Research
in BAVOKO SEO Tools?

To give you maximum flexibility when working with your SEO keywords, the SEO keyword research of BAVOKO SEO Tools is accessible conveniently at several relevant places in the plugin.

In the Content Optimizer

Within the Content Optimizer you can open the tab “Keywords” at any time during your SEO work to get an overview of your rankings, to look for new SEO keywords in the “Keyword Research” tab and to define them for the page.

In the Plugin

In addition, within your WordPress backend you can switch to the “Search” menu item in the plugin interface, where, in addition to extensive Google ranking analyses, you will also find the SEO keyword research that you already know from the Content Optimizer. Below, however, you will also find a table with your last researches so that you can quickly access them again as well.

Credits for Keyword research

Depending on the package of BAVOKO SEO Tools you have purchased, between 200 and 1000 credits are available for SEO keyword research per month. These are refilled monthly at the beginning of each period.

The cost of credits for your SEO keyword research also depends on the method you choose:

  • 1. Similar and related: 1 credit each.
  • 2. Keyword discovery: 3 credits, because both queries are executed and combined simultaneously.

Previously entered keywords are stored in the cache until the next payment period and cost nothing during this time if they are queried again.

Finding SEO Keywords in WordPress:
Keyword Research with BAVOKO SEO Tools

For our PRO customers BAVOKO SEO Tools offers all necessary functions and views for a complete and effective SEO keyword research in WordPress. In addition to the various common methods, the Keyword Discovery provides you with particularly helpful data that allows you to find the appropriate keywords in the shortest possible time and to directly define them as your SEO keywords.

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