Google’s Disavow Tool is used to exclude incoming links to your own website from the evaluation of your domain and the resulting rankings. These links are treated by the search engines as “NoFollow” links.

BAVOKO API Integration

In BAVOKO SEO Tools we provide a dedicated section for Disavow links within “Backlinks“. During the analysis of your backlinks you can add the detected spam links to your Disavow list in the plugin with one click and then submit the domains to Google in a few steps.

When should the Disavow Tool be used?

Since not all links to your site will come from high-quality domains that will help your rankings, but can even harm them in an incident, we recommend that you inform Google about the harmful links in certain situations.

In general, you should use the Disavow tool in the following cases:

Your Website receives Google Penalties
Bad links to your site can lead to Google penalties and thus to a loss of your site’s rankings. In this case it is absolutely necessary for you to use the Disavow tool to find the broken links and to make them harmless.

There are Abnormalities during the Backlink Analysis
When regularly analyzing your backlink profile, it may be advisable to directly add particularly conspicuous links to the Disavow list. This reduces the chance of punishment for bad backlinks.

Since backlinks are particularly important for good rankings, you should be especially careful when marking harmful links. Because invalidating the wrong domains in Google’s Disavow Tool can also lead to worse rankings! Therefore, we recommend that you always check the quality of the respective domains carefully and only mark them as spam links, if you are sure.

Disavow Tool: Marking Spam Links in the Plugin
and sending them to Google

With BAVOKO SEO Tools we simplify the Disavow process by allowing you to add unwanted links to your Disavow list in the plugin with a single click within the backlink analysis. You can then download the formatted TXT file at any time, which you can submit to Google with just a few clicks.

Marking Spam Links

BAVOKO SEO Tools offers you two different methods for marking harmful backlinks, with which you can add either complete domains or individual URLs to the Disavow list.

Marking & Adding Domains to the Disavow List

  • Within the plugin interface, navigate to “Backlinks” > “Domains”.
  • Disavow Domamins

  • Click on the recycle bin icon within the list to add the domain to the Disavow list.

Marking & Adding single URLs to the Disavow List

  • Open the Content Optimizer within the “Pages” tab of BAVOKO SEO Tools by clicking on the CO symbol and go to “Backlinks”.
  • Disavow URL's

  • Click on the recycle bin icon next to each URL to add it directly to the Disavow list.

Submitting the Disavow List to Google

For your changes to be applied, you can then send the Disavow list to Google with just a few mouse clicks. To do this, proceed as follows:


  • Click on the “Disavow Tool” menu item within the backlink section of BAVOKO SEO Tools.
  • Transmit Disavow List

  • At the top of the new view you will find the “1. Download List” button, which you can use to download your Disavow list as a formatted TXT file.
  • Transmit Disavow List

  • Then click on “2. Upload List”, which will take you directly to the Disavow tool in the Google Search Console.

In the Google Search Console

  • Select the correct property and then click on “Invalidate links”.
  • In the next view you can open a popup window by clicking on “Invalidate links” again, in which you can upload the Disavow created by BAVOKO SEO Tools.
  • To do this, select the appropriate file and click on “Send”.
  • Click “Done” to complete the process.

WordPress SEO Plugin with Disavow Function –

In order to effectively use backlinks from other URLs and domains to your website for your WordPress SEO, it may be necessary from time to time to exclude specific backlinks from the rating of your site with the help of the Disavow tool. BAVOKO SEO Tools provides you with all the necessary functions and views with which you can easily and quickly mark spam links and then send the Disavow list to Google.

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