To simplify the search engine optimization of your pages as much as possible, we developed the intuitive Content Optimizer, which is already available in BAVOKO SEO Tools Free.

Within its user-friendly interface, the Content Optimizer by BAVOKO SEO Tools makes automatic optimization suggestions and allows you a comprehensive and efficient handling of all important SEO aspects through the use of various integrated tools.

How to find the Content Optimizer in

The Content Optimizer from BAVOKO SEO Tools is integrated into several areas of our plugin, as well as in in posts and post lists to ensure a seamless SEO workflow.

Additionally, the Content Optimizer can also be opened in a handy pop-up window by clicking the CO icon.

The Content Optimizer in your Post Pages

When opening any post or page in your WordPress backend, the Content Optimizer automatically loads at the top of the editor.

In this view, it offers several features that give you a particularly enjoyable workflow:

  • The Content Optimizer’s Short View is the default view that automatically loads when you open a post or page. You can find the most important optimization suggestions for that page at first glance here.
  • To always keep you supported with all the important information and SEO tools while working on your page, the Content Optimizer in its Short View remains fixed to the top of your editor when scrolling.
  • With the “Drag” function you can customize the height of the Content Optimizer’s Short View for a better overlook.
  • The “Expand” function opens the Long View of the Content Optimizer, in which you get a clear overview of all important information in full screen. Click “Collapse” to return to the Short View.

Any changes you make to your page in the editor are updated in real-time to the automatic optimization suggestions within the Content Optimizer. In this way, you can work them through systematically and in the shortest possible time.

The Content Optimizer within BAVOKO SEO Tools

Both within the analysis area of BAVOKO SEO Tools, as well as in your post lists, you can instantly open the Content Optimizer to edit your pages with a single click on the CO icon.

Through this plugin architecture, we combine SEO analysis and optimization, which offers you an unprecedented SEO workflow and saves you a lot of time and nerves during your daily SEO work.

Optimizing Posts and Pages for Keywords
with the Content Optimizer

Defining and adding Priority Keywords

Define SEO keyword sets for each of your WordPress pages in order to give your whole website a boost towards the top of Google’s search results.

Adding Proirity Keywords with the Content Optimizer

What Priority Keywords are and how you specify them is explained here:

Priority Keywords explained

Automatic real-time SEO Optimization Suggestions

Within the Content Optimizer of BAVOKO SEO Tools, you will automatically receive optimization suggestions at any time to make it even easier to improve your website.

Based on your priority keywords, rankings and onpage data our plugin automatically determines each suggestion and afterwards displays them clearly within the Content Optimizer. Here you can also see at a glance which issues your meta titles, h1 headlines, media and contents still have and directly optimize them in no time.

Automatic Optimization Suggestions

The Content Score in BAVOKO SEO Tools:
The extent to which the respective pages have already been optimized can be seen from the percentage of the Content Score (bild) within the various areas of the Onpage analysis of BAVOKO SEO Tools. The Content Score always gives you a quick briefing about the overall optimization status of your page by a percantage value. You get the maximum content score for your pages by implementing all the optimization suggestions our WordPress plugin gives you.

SEO Tools in the Content Optimizer:
Metas, Social Snippets, Rankings & More

In addition to the ways to optimize your content, the Content Optimizer offers many other SEO tools to help you improve your site’s search engine rankings in the long term.

For example, thanks to the skilfull combination of various tools, you can do extensive analysis of your page rankings, or edit meta titles, descriptions and social snippets in tidy previews.

You can find out how these SEO settings inside the Content Optimizer of BAVOKO SEO Tools look in detail here:
The various SEO Tools in our Content Optimizer explained

In the upcoming PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools we will extend your optimization possibilities with additional, powerful SEO tools for keyword research, internal linking and monitoring of plugin requests.

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