Advantages of BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO

More SEO Tools & Data in the WordPress Backend


The PRO version of BAVOKO SEO Tools gives you access to numerous additional functions that provide you with even more effective support in search engine optimization. With the help of the BAVOKO and Google Analytics APIs, as well as the external crawler, we not only give you access to more SEO data and views for the search and onpage section, but also to various analyses and tools concerning your website’s performance and backlinks.
And that’s not all: The PRO version offers you further useful functions such as automatic email reportings, the Priority Keyword System, or the Internal Links Manager.

Features of BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO

With our release of BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO in August 2018 we are only at the very start of the development of our SEO Plugin. Especially for the paid version there are already new plans for more data and functions for the next months, as well as various adjustments for a more efficient and comfortable work with BAVOKO SEO Tools.

Additional SEO Data

More ranking and onpage details, as well as additional performance and backlink data in the Content Optimizer and in the plugin.

Priority Keywords System

SEO keyword system within Content Optimizer, including priorities, synonyms and up to 25 keywords per page.

Search Volume & CPC Data

Complementing the keyword data from Google Search Console within Ranking Analysis and Content Optimizer.

Countries & Devices

Additional view of your ranking analysis by countries and devices using data from Google Search Console.

Keyword Research Tools

Similar Keywords, Related Keywords, WDF*IDF Analysis and the Keyword Discovery Tool – A clever combination of the first three tools.

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Analyze Competitors

Analysis of competitors in Google search based on common keywords with weekly updates.

More Onpage Data

More onpage data through BAVOKO’s external crawler: Indexability, status codes, detected links and canonicals.

Internal Links

Detailed link structure analysis and a 1-click solution for setting internal links based on the SEO keywords in use.

Backlink Analysis

Extensive backlink analysis with detailed data such as domain authority, backlink URLs, clicks, anchors and more.

Disavow Tool

Add spam links to the Disavow table with one click and download the TXT file for the Search Console with one click.

Pagespeed Analysis

Google Analytics Integration: In-depth analysis of website’s and individual pages’ loading times.

JS, CSS & Image Analysis

Analysis of the individual requests on your pages: Status codes, size, loading times, usage and more.

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SEO Reportings

SEO Reporting Configurator: Automatic e-mails with PDF reports at weekly or monthly intervals.

Exporting Data

Export charts as PNG and tables as PDF or CSV files.

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Premium Support

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