BAVOKO SEO Tools & other WordPress SEO Plugins in Comparison

BAVOKO SEO Tools not only provides you with the most comprehensive SEO tool set, but also with detailed analysis options within your WordPress backend.
With our all-in-one SEO plugin, we combine the most important SEO tools for content optimization, metas, redirects, sitemaps, internal links and much more in a single plugin, offering you completely new possibilities for your WordPress SEO.
What sets BAVOKO SEO Tools apart from other all-in-one SEO plugins is the integration of extensive ranking, keyword, onpage, backlink, performance and social media data in combination with a unique SEO workflow, which noticeably saves you time in your daily work.

  • API Integrations
  • Tools in Post Backend
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Ranking Analysis
  • Search Volume Data
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Keyword Monitoring
  • Competitor beobachten
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Facebook & Twitter Snippets
  • Onpage Analysis
  • Dynamic Metas
  • Bulk Editor
  • Internal Links Manager
  • Redirect Manager
  • Sitemaps Manager
  • Rich Snippets
  • .htaccess & robots.txt Editor
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Pagespeed Analysis
  • Requests Analysis
  • Requests-Manager
  • Weekly Repotings
  • CSV & XLS Export of Data Analysis
  • BAVOKO SEO Tools Free

    Free Download

    • Google Search Console
    • OPtimization Suggestions, Metas Editor, Meta Robots, Google Suggest, Ranking Analysis, Canonical, 301 Redirect
    • 2 Priority Keywords
    • Content Analysis
    • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    • Google Search Console & Analytics, BAVOKO API
    • All Free Tools + Backlink-, Page Speed & Technical Onpage Analysis, internal Links & Requests Manager
    • 10 Priority Keywords
    • Technical & Content Analysis
    • Based on Ranking Data & Keywords in Content
    • Coming Soon
  • Yoast SEO Free & PRO

    • Optimization Suggestions, Metas Editor, Meta Robots, Canonical
    • Free: Focus Keyword
      PRO: 5 Focus Keywords
    • PRO Feature
    • PRO-Feature based on Keywords in Content
    • PRO Feature
  • All In One SEO Free & PRO

    • Metas-Editor, Meta Robots, Canonical
    • PRO Addon
    • PRO Feature

The alternative to Yoast SEO & All in One SEO

BAVOKO SEO Tools compared to the most popular WordPress SEO Plugins

Plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack offer sufficient possibilities to build your own website in a search engine friendly way. For some users this is certainly enough, but as soon as you want to be strategic and improve your rankings effectively, you have to rely on external analysis tools. These are often both costly and also not integrated into WordPress, which slows down your workflow and can waste a lot of time.

Google Search Console Integration

By integrating the Google Search Console into BAVOKO SEO Tools, you can perform extensive ranking analysis directly within the WordPress backend. Our plugin gets up to 5,000 keywords into the backend every day via the Google API, which are stored in the plugin cache, enabling a more detailed analysis than in the Google interface itself. With the additional BAVOKO API in our PRO version, the keyword data is additionally supplemented with CPC and search volume data. Through this integration BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO also provides you with extensive keyword research tools in the WordPress backend.

Onpage Reportings - Integrated Crawler

With the integrated website crawler you always have an accurate overview of the most important SEO aspects of your pages. Analyze your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Permalinks, Text Lengths and more and optimize them in the very same view using the Content Optimizer. BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO relocates the crawl to the BAVOKO servers, allowing your pages to be - similar to Google - scanned and analyzed in more detail.

Content Optimizer & SEO Workflows

As its main feature, the Content Optimizer provides you with a comprehensive SEO toolset within your posts and pages. For that reason BAVOKO SEO Tools not only offers individual SEO optimization suggestions, but also various tools for analyzing and optimizing all the important SEO aspects of your individual pages.
The Content Optimizer is also integrated in several areas of our plugin. Thanks to its unique plugin architecture, you can open your pages with one click during the analysis and optimize them for your text, metas and more without having to leave the window.
With the help of this workflow optimization, you save valuable time in your daily SEO work and can focus more on other important SEO tasks.

Social Media Snippets & Performance

Even though social media does not play a big role in search engine optimization, this marketing channel has become an important part of today’s content strategies. That’s why in BAVOKO SEO Tools we’ve added various tools for analyzing and optimizing your social snippets and social media performance.


On the one hand, BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO extends the range of the mentioned features with even more data and functionalities, and on the other hand, your SEO toolbox is supplemented by two completely new sections – Performance & Backlinks. You will get more detailed information after the release of BAVOKO SEO Tools PRO.

Importing SEO data and getting started

To make switching from your current SEO plugin to BAVOKO SEO Tools as easy as possible, we offer you the opportunity to import all important SEO data of your previous WordPress SEO Plugins with a few clicks.

By the time BAVOKO SEO Tools supports the import of SEO data from the following WordPress Plugins:

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